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Larger than life portraits of the loves of your life.

best little face on lab dog puppy with soulful eyes and perky ears pet photo by stacy jacob photography

“My dog has failed photos before.”

A dog mommy told me that last year before bringing her sweet boy in for his photo session.  “Just to warn you”, she said.  Well that was music to my ears, as I love a challenge and I love surprising someone with the portraits they never thought were possible.

By the time she left she was calling me the “dog whisperer”.  I can’t go that far, but I will say that I do hear that a lot and even more frequently I’m told,  “You have the patience of a saint, how do you do it?”.  Because I love it.  It’s that simple.  And when you do what you truly love it somehow comes easy.  I’d love to create portraits for you of your furry friend, be it a dog, cat, pig, goat (oh puh-leeeease bring me a goat!), bird, hamster, pretty much any animal that will fit through the door of the studio.  Horses, you say?  I’ll come to you.

Your Furry Friends Photo Session deTAILS:

Furry Friends Session Fee:

In studio:  $150

On Location:  $250

Session Fees Include:

  •   Your pre-session consultation
  •   Your in-studio or on location portrait session
  •   Your post-session viewing and ordering appointment
  •   See our Book A Session Page for more detailed information

Once you schedule your session you can leave the deTAILS to us.  We send our Furball Magazine: Welcome Edition so you know exactly how to plan and what to expect.  We’ll capture memories of your pet that you will treasure for years to come.  If they know any tricks or have any favorite toys we’ll be sure to photograph that, and no matter what we’ll photograph that classic portrait that really portrays “them”.  I always advise we photograph at least a few portraits of you and your pet together.

And in case you didn’t know we are the

Home of the Happy Feet

Home of the Happy Feet studio pet photography signature portrait of pets at their owners feetIt’s one of the reasons people chose Stacy Jacob Photography as it’s our “Signature Portrait” and it’s the one everyone is crazy about.  It’s a great way to be in the photograph with your pet and yet you never have to look back and say, “Oh, I hated my hair that day!” or “I wish I’d worn a different blouse”.  So start thinking now about your “Happy Feet”.   Barefoot is always a classic choice but get creative if you’d like.  Golf shoes?  Duck slippers?  The possibilities are endless and it’s a great opportunity to go shoe shopping.  Check more of our “Happy Feet” photos for inspiration and a smile.

A little about what to expect:  Pets usually start with a lot of sniffing and nervous energy and by the time we’re done they are mellow and content.   My goal is to have your pet as relaxed as possible so their true personality starts to shine.  You know the way they lay with their chin on the floor when they’re just as happy and relaxed as can be? When just their eyebrows move, but their heads stay put?   And you know those sweet, expressive eyes are saying “I’ll follow you anywhere, just say the word.”  I want to photograph that for you so you will have it always.

To schedule your Furry Friends portrait session please call 760.678.5859 or email me at