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candid family portrait of two adorable children and their dog“I am a single mother of two small girls and a puppy. As any mother, I was afraid of chaos.

When I arrived I was greeted by Stacy and her husband with smiles hugs and overwhelming positive energy. She immediately put me at ease and was beyond wonderful to my daughters. She went to work using her magic and was extremely patient, fun and loving throughout the photo shoot. She took many different pictures with changes in back drops and or props and boy did she capture some amazing pictures. When I left I wasn’t sure we caught many as its difficult to keep the attention of a puppy and TWO kids for very long. When I went in to choose our pictures, I was blown away at how many great shots were captured, it was so hard to choose. Her pictures and very well worth the price and you will absolutely love your pictures.

From beginning to end my service was top notch and I will always go to Stacy for my family photos. She is one of a kind and her service/talent sets her apart.  She is definitely the best in the desert!”  -Rena Luafamily with two little girls and a golden retriever puppy in a classic studio portrait

A note from this sweet mom (Thank you Rena for your kind words!  I’m so happy to hear how you loved this experience.  I loved meeting you and your sweet family too!):

“You were so wonderful to my daughters and knew exactly how to position us and Scraps to keep his attention and capture our amazing shots. Your patience and kindness spoke volumes and it was greatly appreciated. I did not feel like just another client.  You made me feel as if I was one of your most valuable clients and for that I thank you and your husband for such great service.  I would absolutely recommend your studio to anyone looking for a great photographer. I have told everyone of your above and beyond service, but also your amazing sprit and character, not only with people but with the pets. Your energy is calming but inviting and both children and animals respond well to it.

You’re not only talented, you have a gift of being able to give us breathtaking moments in time that last a lifetime.”            -Rena Lua

golden retriever puppy fun and natural children


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